In the context of a large-scale renovation in early 2020, the emphasis was placed on creating party and function rooms that can be used for both large and small gatherings. parties, meetings, gatherings and the like, where it is desired to have their own room.

Company menus and party offers

Brobyværk Kro is the place to party and have fun among friends, family or colleagues - or just to get there! Are you thinking of a party? We'll help you put together the perfect party, dinner or reception. Tell us about your party ideas. We'll tailor your event, adapting to the season and your wishes. Here's an idea for inspiration - together we'll find just the right content.

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Your most beautiful day in unrivalled surroundings.

When it comes to celebrating love, weddings need unique settings, idyllic surroundings and attentive hosting to make your day an experience. The food should reflect your wishes for the day, and together we will tailor the wedding of your dreams. At Brobyværk Kro your wedding can be big or small, but dance and music or an informal reception. Either way, we'll make sure your day is special.

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When something needs to be celebrated and you need to gather friends and family for a festive day, Brobyværk Kro is the perfect meeting place in the middle of Funen. The surroundings are picturesque, by the Odense River, which creates life and idyll. The inn is authentic and Royal Privileged, but with a contemporary look, where comfort, quality and a very passionate hospitality will give you and your guests an experience.

At Brobyværk Kro we plan every party individually, based on your wishes for the day. We offer suggestions for seasonal party and social menus with accompanying drinks, we have ideas for the set-up and decoration of our party and social rooms and together with you we will find the perfect party and social arrangement for your celebration. You can be inspired by our party packages here.

A party and company event at Brobyværk Kro offers the possibility of overnight accommodation. The inn has 15 double rooms. A wonderful way to end the festive event could be to meet the company around a nice breakfast - this way you can make the happy reunion last a little longer.

Brobyværk Kro has been the setting for many celebrations and parties over the years - we often hear of fond memories from the inn's earlier years. There has been singing, dancing, speeches, lots of good food, toasts of fine wines, tears of laughter and tears of joy. We are delighted that so many have created traditions for celebrations and parties to be held at Brobyværk Kro and we look forward to hosting your party, your party and your day.