Brobyværk Inn 2020-2022

It was a different start for Brobyværk Kro when a change of ownership in 2020, and all the plans that were on the drawing board, were overtaken by Corona. Nevertheless, the two extensive shutdowns were used constructively to renovate first the main house, and then the room wing. Although there were many closed days in the first years, the Inn, with its new surroundings and adapted concept, was greeted with interest and support from near and far as soon as the doors were opened.

With the slowing down of the coronation, followed by enormous activity, came the aftermath of the crisis of 2021. A huge effort and spirit, from the associated staff, kept the Inn at full speed while searching for missing staff. In particular, a candidate who could manage and strengthen the gastronomic profile of the Inn was looked for.

In October 2021, the renowned chef and former owner of Restaurant Lindetræet, Brian Madsen, joined the team as Head Chef. Brian quickly took over the Inn - stabilising the kitchen at a higher level, and within the first year Brobyværk Kro was nominated for Country Inn of the Year, and trained the Inn's first apprentice chef with a silver medal. With Brian's experience as a self-employed chef, and not least his commitment to the development of the Kroen, it made sense for him to take over as director.

By 2022, the Inn has become an integral part of the local community, both as a venue for events, major celebrations and, not least, as a preferred dining venue. The inn's history and development in the physical sense, but especially in the gastronomic sense, has put Brobyværk on the map of Denmark, attracting guests from far and wide.

The reputation that the Inn has earned is maintained by continuously adapting and fine-tuning the concept in line with the composition of the Inn's team, increased experience and lessons learned.

At the end of the year 2022, another renovation was launched and the Inn's banquet hall, the Salen, was transformed at the beginning of 2023 into a unique and contemporary space in conjunction with the rest of the Inn's transformation.

Brobyværk Inn in 2020

In 2020, a new chapter has begun for Brobyværk Kro.On February 15, local gardener, Claus Feldborg bought the inn from Ib and Anne-Lise after their 47 years of faithful service. Claus saw both the preservation value of the almost 400 years old and beautiful inn, as well as the great development potential for the place's activities.

A thorough renovation was immediately set in motion, and while the Corona crisis took Denmark's breath away, time was used to breathe new life into the Inn. The first stage of the renovation included the "Krostuen", which has now been opened up and given a heart in the form of an iconic bar and reception area. Three function rooms are newly refurbished and ready, the "Udsigten" with a great panoramic view, right down to the Odense river. The "Pejsestuen" with built-in gas fireplace for the less intimate gatherings and the large "Sal" is ready for the beautiful parties of the future. The inn's restaurant "Havestuen" has been modernised with respect for the building and the inn's history with raw bricks and beamed ceilings. There are new and handicapped accessible toilets, a beautiful wine cellar and a lounge/tv room on the first floor. Local craftsmen have done their utmost to make use of the many layers of the inn's history, so that Brobyværk now stands as an authentic inn in contemporary development.

In the future, it is planned to build a beautiful orangery, which will connect the restaurant, function rooms and room wing. The orangery will offer a fantastic view of the countryside and Odense Å.

The Orangery will be the setting for a cornucopia of tropical plants. As Claus is a gardener and runs Scandinavia's largest nursery of green plants, it is natural to use the Inn's stunning surroundings to showcase the very best in indoor greenery and at the same time give the Inn's guests a unique experience by being able to move in this environment.

Jannik Jensen became Brobyværk Kros new Kitchen Manager, and is now in charge of the daily operation of the kitchen. Jannik is a trained chef from Kongebrogaarden, and has also worked at wonderful Funen restaurants such as Hindsgavl Castle, Skovbakken Restaurant Zoo and Gammel Brydegaard. But Jannik also grew up in an inn, and has a chef in his belly. So besides guaranteeing solid craftsmanship in the kitchen, Jannik is fulfilling a dream: combining the role of chef with that of innkeeper. Jannik has teamed up with partner and former colleague, Henrik Mundt Krammager. Henrik is a trained waiter, and has, besides Kongebrogaarden and Skovbakken, also made his mark at Hereford Beefstouw in Odense. Henrik is looking forward to creating unforgettable experiences at Brobyværk Kro - the place will be full of joyful events, cosy stays and exciting events for the enjoyment of the entire region of Funen. As the inn's physical surroundings have been modernised, the two have looked at development opportunities in the gastronomic field. They both have a passion for Danish/French cuisine, and their gastronomic approach is to add a modern twist, while respecting traditional Danish cuisine and serving dishes inspired by French brasseries in a rustic style befitting a Danish inn.

The change of ownership in Feb. 2020 was a historic moment. The inn had been in the Jørgensen family for over 100 years, and through 3 generations. After no less than 13 years of being for sale, the Inn finally succeeded. There is no doubt that Ib and Anne-Lise Jørgensen want a bright and prosperous future for the inn - the extremely pleasant cooperation in connection with the transfer is proof of that.

There is certainly a large group of inn guests who will thank Ib and Anne-Lise Jørgensen for many memorable moments, and it is with great respect for their good spirit that the inn is now run with the hope that guests will take the development as an experience and help write the new chapter for Brobyværk Kro

Early history of Brobyværk Inn

Read the inn's previous history here written by Rene Jørgensen, son of Ib and Anne-Lise Jørgensen. The story is summarized by 5 Facebook posts and can be read here together and completely unedited below.

Back in 1918 Peder Hansen had put the inn up for sale. He had lost his wife after a very difficult birth. At that time, people did not have the opportunities that our society has today.

Peder was therefore forced to find a solution so that he could look after his 7 children....

One day a young girl came to the inn and applied for the position of housekeeper....

She got the job and Peder fell very much in love with her... subsequently they had 3 children together

At that time it was not accepted that you fell in love with women who were many years younger than you and therefore Peder took the situation seriously and put the inn for sale....

From Brobyværk Kro we wish you all a very Merry Christmas...

The housekeeper, whose name was Anna, became a skilled crooner relatively quickly...

In fact, she was so skilled that she continued to run the inn after Peter Hansen's death in 1934.

She has several extensions made to the inn, there is actually a major development under Anna's ownership....

As told last night, she gave birth to 3 children....
One of these children was our grandmother.... ( Ib's mother )

Her name was Maria Elisabeth Hansen.
Maria was born in 1922...

In 1941, Maria Elisabeth finds her husband Lars Arne Jørgensen, and they are married in 1942....

Lars Arne was working at Nilbro at the time.

(In case anyone is in doubt, Nilbro is what we know today as KEN...)

In his spare time, he rented washing machines to farms and large gatherings...

Maria Elisabeth becomes pregnant in 1947, and in April 48, Ib is born......

To be continued......

In 1953, Lars Arne decides to go 100% into the inn and in this connection he stops his work at Nilbro.

At that time, "little" Ib, 4 years old..

At the age of 8 Ib is told that he will be a chromand..... at that time there was not much choice, because Ib was an only child.

Maria Elisabeth and Lars Arne set in motion a number of initiatives in the years that followed.

They are having more rooms made at the inn. Among other things, they refurbish the old stable.

They are also having what we know as the veranda repaired and the tavern hall is being extended with a stage...

They also put the inn's cuisine on the map....

For a number of years they have been known far and wide for their English steaks....

Little Ib grows up and starts his apprenticeship as a cook at Hotel Svendborg in 1965...

In 1970, Ib meets his future wife Lise.

In 1971 he starts an apprenticeship as a waiter at the Ugly Duckling in Odense.

In 1973 Ib graduates and is now both a cook and a waiter.

In November 1973 Ib and Anne Lise get married, and they reveal during the wedding that Ulrich is inside her womb....

Ulrich is born in June 1974, and the small family lives on Hesselhøjvej in Brobyværk.

An ongoing takeover of the inn is underway.

In March 1976 René is born.

In 1977 Arne and Maria Elisabeth celebrate their 25th anniversary at the inn.

Maria Elisabeth dies in January 1980.

Lisbeth is born at Faaborg hospital on February 2nd

Arne and Ib have started to restore the old rooms and in 1983 almost all rooms in the old wing are renovated.

In 1985, Ib and Anne Lise start preparing a major expansion of the inn.
They realise that to secure the future of the inn, more rooms are needed.

In 1987, the construction of a new wing of rooms is started, containing 14 new double rooms.

The new room building is completed April 1988.

Arne Jørgensen dies in October of the same year.

This is the last part of the story about the Jørgensen family at Brobyværk Kro.

If you want to read the previous paragraphs, they are here on the Facebook page...

Relatively soon after the opening of the new room wing, a whole new segment of guests will arrive.

Weekend stays become a regular part of the inn's offer and guests come from near and far.

In the mid-90s, "little" Ib managed to get on the TV2 programme, Lykkehjulet...

He comes out with a watch on his arm...

We are very pleased to be part of Dansk Kroferie, which is now known as Small Danish Hotels.

Our guests come from all over the world and we benefit from the Gelting ferry which brings many Germans here.

In 2003 we are contacted by Danish Radio who want to visit us to make a broadcast about inns in Denmark.

Brobyværk Kro ends up being selected together with 3 other inns.

The programme host Nis Boesdal and his team made a fantastic broadcast from our point of view, focusing on the inn and Brobyværk and the surrounding area.

The exposure is huge and many new guests are coming to the inn.

The broadcast is rebroadcast countless times and each time, it is noticeable on all fronts.

At the end of the 00s, the inn is put up for sale...

Potential buyers keep turning up, but nobody gets to put their autograph on the bill of sale in the first "round"...

In the summer of 19, the new owners of Ove Nielsen's nursery in Allested show up. From the outset, they have an interest in the inn and in late 2019 we agree on the terms of their purchase of Brobyværk Kro.

On 15/2-2020 we will leave Brobyværk Kro and hand it over to the Feldborg family.

We want you all to welcome them very well.

From our side, we would like to thank everyone who has participated in the celebrations over the last 100 years.

Thanks to our staff throughout the period. Without you it would not have been possible to come this far....

Thanks to ALL who supported us. Where many inns closed, our inn continued in a higher and higher tempoo....

We wish you all the best...

Thanks for everything - it's been a fantastic journey..

The most loving thoughts

Ib & Anne-Lise
Lisbeth, Ulrich & René

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