Lunch a la carte

Lunch menu: wed.-man. 12.00 - last order 14.30 (Tuesday closed)

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Brunch from Aug. 27: Sundays from 11.00 a.m. See menu here (no lunch a la carte)

Evening a la carte

Dinner menu: Mon.- Sat. 17.30 - last order 21.00

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Sunday roast: Sun. from 17.30 - last order 21.00

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Restaurant at Brobyværk Kro

Wines and beverages

We have a wide selection of wines at Brobyværk Kro.

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The restaurant

In connection with Brobyværk Kro getting a new owner in Feb. 2020, a thorough renovation has taken place. The entire main house has been renovated. Brobyværk Kro appears contemporary and modern, but with plenty of authenticity from a fantastic history. The heart of the house is the Krostuen. It is the place you meet just to meet. And with the iconic oak bar and comfortable leather-covered bar stools, it invites you to immediately investigate the wide selection of coffee, beer, wine, juices and drinks. From the heart of the inn there is direct access to the restaurant, which we call the Havestuen. The room has a large east-facing window with a view, first to our lovely terrace, and the next thing that strikes the eye is the enchanting sight of the Odense River. The Havestuen is mainly used as an a la carte restaurant, both for lunch and dinner.

The modernisation of the inn has throughout the process kept in mind to preserve the parts of the house that tell a little about the history of the inn. A great find under the old ceiling were the old beams, now exposed. The floors are just as preserved, and being newly sanded you can't see the many footprints, from decades of travellers, but we know they were there. The emphasis has been on pleasant lighting, with dimmed spotlights and a brass theme throughout on lamps for ambient lighting. And because the inn's new owner is a gardener, we promise that the house will always be adorned with plenty of green elements - both inside and on the sun-drenched terrace.

In this environment, food is served with a passion for classic Danish cuisine, adapted to the modernised surroundings. Brobyværk Kros' cuisine will also be inspired by French brasserie, with dishes that are sufficiently rustic to belong in an authentic inn in contemporary development.

Whether you're coming for lunch or dinner, or just to drop by, you can grab a beer, cocktail or other refreshment at the bar or enjoy the house selection of coffees.