Lunch company

Valid 2023

Lunch menu

Min. 20. pers. (adults)

Brobyværk Kro Lunch in 4 servings

valid from 27.04.2023 to xx.xx.2023

Lunch at Brobyværk Kro is something special and inspired by chef Brians Madsen's time at historic Restaurant Lindetræet. The setting of the serving is new, albeit still historic.

Lunch is served as a combination of small portions - some on platters others per person. Servings are based on the traditional "cold table" which, most people expect, also includes hot dishes - this is also the case here. The whole affair ends with a sweet punctuation.

1. serving; starter

plated starter consisting of:

To be arranged based on the Kroen committee

2. serving; Table cover you!

reflects elements from the "cold" table and consists, as the menu's main serving of:

Poached egg with bacon
Dish with salmon and 2 kinds of cold cuts
Dish with smoked cheese, brie and sliced cheese
2 homemade jams
Warm liver pate with mushrooms
Rye bread, French bread and butter

3. serving ; The small hot

reflects elements of a hot lunch and consists of:

Small soup with croutons
Small warm dish

4. serving; A little for the cake lover

is the sweet punctuation of lunch and consists of:

Cake to end on


Incl. room, (tablecloths), napkins, candles and greenery (standard set-up) 325,-

4 hours are allocated for a lunch in 4 courses

Lunch plate

You can also order a Lunch Platter from our lunch a la carte menu. This also applies to parties of less than 20 people.

See current lunch plate here

Company menu

Lunch parties over 20 people also have the option of ordering a menu from our party card.

See current company menu here


Coffee/tea 35,-
Aperitif - Sparkling from 65,-
Snack for welcome from 55,-
Drink buffet beer, water, wine to be paid according to consumption
Serving beer, water, wine to be paid according to consumption
Selection of bitters from 40,- to be paid according to consumption
Christening cake by arrangement 00,-
Coffee/tea and sweets 55,-
Avec for coffee from 50,- to be paid according to consumption
Evening meal from 65,- per person
Decorations can be purchased


for company agreements

  • The menu is seasonally adapted
  • Prices valid for 2023.
  • Name list for rooms must be provided 2 weeks before the event (only for parties with guests staying)
  • Final number of adults, children with children's menu and children without catering must be notified 2 weeks before the event
  • Table plan for company event must be received 1 week before the event
  • Agreed menus are subject to adjustment for seasonality and availability of raw materials.
  • Special diet must be announced 1 week before the event
  • Table cards, decorations, etc. that we have to arrange must be handed in at least the day before the event
  • Payment is made in full on departure or by invoice sent unless otherwise agreed - must be notified 1 week before the event. We do NOT accept individual payment for e.g. drinks unless this has been agreed in advance. EAN invoicing is subject to an administration charge of 200 DKK.
  • The timeframe for the parties levy is applicable and must be respected. An extension can be arranged by appointment on the day, for a fee (1200 DKK per hour) if this is possible for us.
  • The schedule of parties/courses/conferences in the confirmation is indicative
  • Cancellation policy, read more here

We look forward to planning your day